Are you Stressed?
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What is stress?
Stress is an ancient human reaction that automatically pops when we feel inadequate when dealing with demands and expectations. Stress makes us focus on either running away from an issue or fighting whatever threat we are facing. For thousands of years, stress has been super convenient in making humans survive.

But sometimes, stress is far from helpful. For example, when we have trouble concentrating or are constantly irritated, our thoughts are just spinning around. Then it can be a sign that we have too much going on at the moment.
• Ten questions
• Exercises to help you cope
• Tips for dealing with stress
• Takes less than 2 minutes
• Learn more about yourself
• Short meditations

How do I know if I am stressed?

Common signs of stress:
Stomach pain
Heart beating fast
Spinning thoughts
Being irritated or constantly on the edge
Being forgetful or losing things
Heavy breathing
Difficulties concentrating
During the past month, how often have you...
... felt nervous and stressed?
Almost never
Fairly often
Very often
... noticed that you could not cope with the many things on your to-do list?
Almost never
Fairly often
Very often
Add your score from both questions to obtain your total score.
0-2: You seem super calm and zen.
3-5: It seems you're in a phase, where you may have difficulties coping with everything around you.
6+: Your answers imply that you are in a tough spot right now.
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