A better world starts with us.

Explore your skills and inner values here!

To go from words to action is crucial for anyone willing to lead sustainable development.

The Mindshifters exercises encourages the users to explore inner values, in order to communicate and act in line with them. Today we invite you to test your ability to do so!

The Aware app, Mindshifters materials, and tools below are free for you to use and forward to your organisation and networks. That’s the first step to going from words to action – crucial for anyone willing to lead sustainable development. Good luck! Mind the shift!

A Mindshifters activity

Activate the toolkit of materials and arrange an activity together with colleagues and friends. Explore and develop inner skills and values within your organisation. The toolkit can be downloaded below and consists of a workbook, instruction videos, posters, social media posts, and a guide.

Workshop and workbook

This is the central part of the Mindshifters activity. Let all participants get a copy each. You can print the PDF (without cutting marks) as loose pages on a regular printer or send the PDF (with cutting marks) to a printshop.

Mindshifters workshop overview (pdf)
Workbook for printing (pdf)
Digital workbook (pdf)
Texts for translation (Word file)


Promote your Mindshifters´ activity with these posters or use them as backdrops in the room.

Posters, can be translated (50x70,pdf)

Posters, can be translated (70x100,pdf)

Stickers and Tattoos

Give the participants stickers and tattoos as souvenirs. Or to have just for fun!Give the participants stickers and tattoos as souvenirs. Or to have just for fun!

Stickers, only in English (pdf)

Tattoos, only in English (pdf)

Social media kit

Mindshifters online! For you to use in your organisation when promoting the Mindshifter activity. Or use them as stand alone posts in connection to other Sustainable Development Goals activities or themes.

Social media overview (pdf)

Instruction films

These films are introductions to the different parts of the Mindshifters exercises in the workbook. In the “Activity guide" you can find information on which video to play and when to get a further understanding of the exercises and themes.

Videos for downloading (mp4, with and without subtitles)

Inner Development Goals Intro

Mindshifters is a project based on The Inner Development Goals, a scientifically based method for developing the skills needed to support a sustainable future. The project is initiated by The Swedish Institute - a public agency that promotes interest and confidence in Sweden around the world.

The Inner Development Goals are a not-for-profit and open-source initiative founded by the 29k Foundation, Ekskäret Foundation, and The New Division together with a group of researchers, experts and practitioners in leadership development and sustainability.

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Here you can find more exercises. Invite friends and colleagues and create groups where you can reflect together and exchange thoughts.

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Contact us

For more information about the Mindshifters project, contact your local Swedish embassy.

Ulrika Rosvall, Program Manager at the Swedish Institute - ulika.rosvall@si.se

For more information about the Aware app, contact hello@29k.org