The gift of awareness allows us to notice what’s going on around and inside ourselves in the present moment. And to do so without attachment or involvement. Awareness is not a state you force. There is little effort involved, though persistence is key. It’s something you actively allow to happen. It is a presence with, and acceptance of, what is happening in eternal now.

Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being

The circle

In the circle, the viewer encounters the line with eternal recurrence, neither beginning nor ending, and going around an invisible but very precise centre. This compares with the idea of the course of time, which comes from nowhere and has no end.

Depending on their character, the viewers will place themselves either inside or outside the circle.
The feeling of being inside the circle can perhaps be interpreted as an impulse toward the center or a search for a unity of life. In the opposite sense, an active life radiates from the invisible center outward, to the circumference. We find the same process at a given stage of growth, when new life develops.

We appreciate rounded forms with the senses rather than the mind.

Adrian Frutiger, Signs and Symbols Their Design and Meaning





Iteration 2.0 Aware identaty

Aware logomark

The Awere logomark represents awareness and encourages us to observe the present moment without attachment or effort, actively accepting what unfolds in the eternal now.

Our logomark is a recognisable shorthand for our brand, working well as a sign-off and visual tool, especially when our audience knows the Aware context.

The logo mark has been optimised for viewing at a distance, considering the size requirements of the app icon as the most common representation.

Aware logotype

The logotype is usually accompanied by the logomark and is commonly used together.

This combination reinforces brand recognition and creates a unified visual presence across various media.

However, there may be specific cases where the logotype can be used on its own.


Logo variations

Logo clearance

Animation :)