29k Releases Free Psychological Tools for Coping with War Anxiety in Ukrainian

29k Releases Free Psychological Tools for Coping with War Anxiety in Ukrainian

STOCKHOLM, March 7 2022 – In response to the fast-deteriorating situation in Ukraine, The 29k Foundation, known for its non-profit app with the same name, today launched digital tools for Ukrainians who are struggling with anxiety and worry as a result of the war. The Coping with War Anxiety Training has been created by leading Swedish psychologists and researchers in less than a week and is now available in the app.
The science-based psychological tools are primarily aimed at helping those Ukrainian and Russian-speaking individuals who are physically safe but struggling with anxiety and looking to cope with
stressful thoughts and emotions.

"As we stand with Ukraine, we hope that these tools will offer mental support, which we now know can be crucial in situations of uncertainty and fear. These tools are by no means a quick solution for anyone in immediate danger or crisis but they can be useful in navigating uncertainty and moving someone in the direction of taking meaningful action while also building resilience, says Elise Lilliehöök," Co-CEO of 29k.

The training includes exercises and meditations on topics such as coping with anxiety and stress, accepting your emotions, and acting for change.

The psychological tools will also be available in English and Russian
About the 29k Foundation

29k is a non-profit foundation that provides evidence-based research tools to support and enhance mental health and personal development. The initiative is backed by the Norrsken Foundation and the Ekskäret Foundation and co-created with some of the world's leading researchers, philanthropists, and tech entrepreneurs. Through the 29k app, the foundation has produced a global platform that transforms the most effective psychological methods into meaningful individual experiences for free.
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