Want to save the planet and feel good along the way?
Try our new upcoming 29k sessions app and practice inner skills for sustainable development together with others.
Download 29k sessions for free:
    29k sessions is a new free app from 29k, with open or private, hosted live sessions for mental health, wellbeing and inner development. All to accelerate sustainable behaviors for people and planet. Please observe that 29k sessions is under construction and in early access stage.

    In the 29k sessions app you can already now:

    • Get support for mental health, wellbeing and inner development to accelerate sustainable behaviors for people and planet.
    • Join open live sessions with accredited hosts (psychologists or trained volunteers).
    • Invite your community, friends or colleagues and host your own private sessions in the app or around the kitchen table.
    • Get inspired by others' reflections, and share your own.
    29k sessions is firmly grounded in psychological research for coping with life in both ups and downs, feeling good and thriving.

    We are a non-profit organisation on a mission to make all the amazing research and tools on mental health, behavioral change, wellbeing, and inner development accessible for all.

    Join our early access-community on Slack or drop us an email at earlyaccess@29k.org to:
    • Report bugs.
    • Suggest improvements.
    • Ideas for new content or functionality.
    • Become a volunteer host for open sessions.

    Looking for a smooth well-working app for mental wellbeing and inner development? The original 29k app is there for you. Practice on your own or with others in a comprehensive app experience.
    Scan the QR-code to open the 29k app on your phone.