Coronavirus: Sweden to Offer Mental Health Training to Quarter of a Million Government Employees

Coronavirus: Sweden to Offer Mental Health Training to Quarter of a Million Government Employees

STOCKHOLM, November 19, 2020 - The Social Partners' Council of Sweden has announced that it is making mental health training available to 250 000 government employees whose workload has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The program is part of a comprehensive nationwide approach to protecting and promoting a sustainable work-life and has been developed in partnership with the 29k Foundation.
Stress is currently the biggest cause of long-term absence among government employees in Sweden and since the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the situation further, the country is now taking action to support mental health initiatives.

"In facing this pandemic, our government employees are more important than ever and it is crucial that they stay healthy - both physically and mentally. Given recent developments, this launch could not have come at a better time and the pure scalability of this program will enable us to make a big difference in the public sector," says Emilia Liljefrost, Head of the Social Partners' Council.

The training program gives government employees access to evidence-based tools for stress reduction and allow participants to conduct individual and group exercises, such as meditations and conversations, in a digital environment.

"Research shows that digital interventions can be very effective in treating elevated stress levels and sharing that experience with others has great benefits. For that reason, we have developed a program that gives access to a variety of tools, including digital video meetings with small groups of colleagues, which also help participants to cope with the social isolation of the pandemic," says
Erik Fernholm, CEO of the 29k Foundation.

The initiative will be rolled out to 247 state authorities and organizations that are members of the Social Partners' Council. As the 29k Foundation operates globally, the program will also be implemented by international parties.

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About the 29k Foundation

29k is a foundation that works to strengthen mental health and increase the quality of people's decision-making to contribute to a more socially and environmentally sustainable society. 29k was initiated by the Norrsken Foundation and the Ekskäret Foundation and co-created with some of the world's leading researchers, philanthropists, and tech entrepreneurs. The foundation has produced a global platform that transforms the most effective psychological methods into meaningful individual experiences.

About the Central Government Social Partners' Council

The Central Government Social Partners' Council ("the Social Partners' Council") is a non-profit association that supports 247 state authorities and organizations. The operations are financed by membership fees and the focus areas are decided by the central parties in the government sector: the Swedish Employers' Agency, OFR / S, P, O, Saco-S, and Seko. The Sustainable Work-Life Program was established in 2018 with the aim of contributing to a better working day through healthy and engaged workplaces. For more information, visit