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*In comparison to eight therapy sessions
We believe that personal growth has the power to change the world.
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of users still use the tools in the app 3.5 months after the first video call
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Governments, organizations, philanthropists, foundations, and universities have already partnered with us.
Our collaborations enable our partners to change the lives of people that they would never be able to reach otherwise, in measurable, evidence-based and safe ways, where the equivalent solutions would cost 100 times more.

As a non-profit, everything we do is in the best interests of the user.
All profits reinvested
Free access
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Open source
Core tenets of 29k partnerships:
Our partners commit to everything we create together being available for everyone. This means that when you partner with us your target groups gain access to all other material and developments on the platform.
As a non-profit, we are always diligent about what is in the best interests of the user. The 29k foundation will always be independent and never commercialise or sell data in any form.
Much like Wikipedia democratized access to information, our partners are with us in democratizing access to support for mental health and inner development for as many people around the world, not only select groups and regardless of income.
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