Agnes' own self-care practice

My own practice includes yoga, and because of family life and limited time, I'm not in a position to practice at a studio. So, right now, I practice for shorter amounts of time more often rather than attending one long class once a week. When my two children are at pre-school, it's easy for me to practice at home, but on weekends they're usually climbing all over my back while in the downward-facing dog. But even if toys are being thrown around or the children start screaming or pressing on the keyboard in the middle of my YouTube yoga tutorial, I still see that time as necessary. As a result, I notice that when I follow through on my practice, it is easier to show up for myself again next time.

About Agnes Branny

Agnes has worked as a private life coach and project manager for many years in both Scotland and Sweden. She has a master's in the psychology of individual differences and is a certified counselor.

"Vulnerability is the shit"

Listen to our lovely psychologist Jenny Rickardsson in this special episode of the Coming Home podcast on relationships. How do we handle and deepen them? How do we actually connect? As the co-hosts share their pivotal experiences, Jenny introduces us all to some useful keys for building a healthy relationship.

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