We are 29k.
A non-profit tech start up in the intersection between psychology and technology. We are on a mission to make transformational growth available to everyone.

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Be perfect. Be happy. Don't stress.
Find meaning. 

Modern life asks a lot of you.
So you read. Think. Maybe even question yourself.
But nothing truly changes. Sound familiar? 
You are not alone.

1 in 3 people will suffer from depression during their lifetime. Even more feel lonely, lost and lack purpose in life. To make things worse, there are few places to learn how you can cope, grow and thrive in this increasingly complex world.  

We want to change this. 
A scalable solution for real growth.
For free.

Our unique solution combines proven tools from developmental psychology with the vulnerable process of supporting each other where it matters most (yes, the inside!). Make the transformative experiences that were earlier inaccessible and expensive free to the world.
Being the change. By doing the work.
By reconnecting with ourselves, others and what we value most in life we not only feel better, but we become positive change agents. This, we believe, is what is needed for both people and planet to thrive.